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To whom it may Concern

This is to confirm that in 2016 Herr Uwe Bialas provided me and my wife, Elvira Stromova, with his services as a broker (Makler); and helped us to find a new apartment in Munich, Germany as well as to arrange the purchase of the property.
I would like to express my deep appreciation to Herr Bialas as his services were of excellent quality and his communication (both in German and in English) was always timely, comprehensive and straight to the point.
Herr Bialas was of great help also during and after the Notar registration of the purchase and offered his services to find a good and reliable tenant for the apartment we bought with his help.
I would strongly recommend Herr Bialas and his firm to all those who are planning to buy or rent an apartment or a house in this part of Germany.

With best regards,

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